stay away from people

from by The Spitshine Kid

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this is about environmental illness.


© 2005, Steven Savitz

People come out
They follow you out
They call you up
When you least expect

People go out, yeah
they cough and they shout
they fill you with doubt
no, I don’t want company

You sneeze and you cough
You smell like a trough
Your fabric softener
Makes it hard to breathe

Those vapors and fumes
And the mold in your rooms
I can’t shake you off
all your perfume and cigarettes

Stay away – stay away
Stay away from people
Stay away – stay away
Stay away from people

Don’t come around – don’t tell your father
Don’t come around - you are not my friend
Don’t come around - don’t know why do you bother
I smell your scent comin’ round the bend.
Don’t come around with your insect repellent
Don’t come around with your hairspray on
Don’t come around with your nail polish smellin’
Don’t come around
Don’t come around
Don’t come around
Don’t come around

Stay away
I can see you’re gonna want a favor
Stay away
You’re offending me in 50 flavors
Stay away
I can see you’re just biding your time, yeah
Stay away
Go away, I’m enjoyin my meal now

People comin’ by on visiting day
I tell them all to go away
I’m not taking on any friends right now
So don’t come around
Don’t come around
Don’t come around
Don’t come around

Stay away
Your fabric softener’s givin’ me a migraine
Stay away
Your cigarette is clouding up in my brain
Stay away
I had enough of your big opinions
Stay away
I don’t wanna be one of your minions

I know that we don’t see eye to eye
Go away, don’t touch my pillow

No, I don’t want a ginger ale,
Can’t have no bread, can’t have no sugar

Your intentions are loaded, yeah
I can tell, I can tell by your inflection

Your cologne is makin’ me crazy
Stay away, stay away for your protection

God bless those afflicted
From this rare disease
These chemical sensitivities
Have got me on my knees

I miss all my drinking
And I miss all my fun
Environmental illness
Has got me on the run

All these fumes are foggin’ up my brain, yeah
Go away, I don’t remember my own name.
Stay away
Don’t come back now, ya’all now
Stay away
Stay away, don’t forget your iPod

People coming by on visiting day.


from Dentures of Peril, released June 1, 2008
tHe sPitSHinE kId



all rights reserved


The Spitshine Kid New York, New York

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